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on success & selfishness

The past few weeks have been incredible, in a less-than-adequate word–I’ll explain the details in this post–but all the great things that have come may way lately have also made me think a lot about the nature of success and intelligence in general. What I mean by this is something I became more aware of after reading (and listening to) a lot of David Foster Wallace: the inherent selfishness of, well, everybody. And yeah, really I’m just talking about myself here, but I’m talking about my selfishness, so there’s some irony for you. Continue reading

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the half-mute move-in

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, the first twenty-four hours of my college experience are over, and I can’t stop laughing because, well, here’s the thing: I can no longer talk.

Alright, I guess I should start at the beginning. Continue reading

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on the English major & blogging

I’ve spent a lot of time lately trying to figure out what part I want writing to play in my adult life. I spent most of high school in denial, telling myself that I loved chemistry just as much as I love fiction and journalism and hell, even editing. I’d say to people that I’d be a research scientist and write on the side, because that’s what you do. I’d actually make money, I’d be helping people, and I’d still get to write.

But the transition to college has made me think hard about what kind of life I want to have, and Continue reading


packing & the worst kind of nostalgia

I’d say I have Leaving Home for the First Time Syndrome, but my parents are divorced, so I’ve left and returned to my childhood home constantly as I’ve grown up. I guess it’s more like¬†Stuffing Childhood Belongings Into Cold Dark Boxes Where They Will Collect Dust for Years for the First Time Syndrome. Continue reading